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After Market

Hanwha Precision Machinery Opens New Prospect in SMT Smart Factory Culture

Carrying on with a Renaissance spirit of “Revival” and “Recycling,” Hanwha Precision Machinery proposes solutions that integrate the 4 fields of Hardware / software / service / product to enhance the value of your facilities and reduce your investment burden, in what can be a cataclysmic flow of our current industrial revolution.

With 20 years of expertise in SMT technologies, Hanwha Precision Machinery satisfies customers’ needs and opens a new prospect in the area of SMT Smart Factories.

  • Productivity enhancement
  • Accuracy enhancement
  • Defect ratio
  • Safety accident prevention

Solutions for CEO

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Enhanced productivity and rational investment can be expected by upgrading the docking cart feeder base

  • Partnership

    A reliable business partner, checking in regularly and providing fast services

Solutions for Manager

  • Manpower management

    Receive real-time feedback of T-PnP production status results, and identify the items required for job instructions

  • Production plan

    Production planning through the highly accurate productivity analysis provided by T-Planner

Solutions for Engineer

  • Safety

    Prevent accidents related to negligence by analyzing parts directly related to the operator’s safety, such as area sensor

  • Training

    Improve work efficiency through systematic training on process management and facility operation

Solutions for Operator

  • Process

    Enhance productivity by improving processes that are directly connected to performance, such as preventing the misapplication of materials utilizing the IT system

  • Quality

    Maintain a high production quality through diagnosis and inspection for facilities over 5 years old