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Main Value

Hanwha Precision Machinery is Equipped with a Challenging Spirit, Dedication, and Integrity

Main Value

Hanwha’s Spirit

Hanwhain are Equipped with a Challenging Spirit, Dedication, and Integrity Hanwha Precision Machinery is pursuing talents who take ‘Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity’ as three core values based on credit and loyalty.

The growth achieved by Hanwha is founded on the spirit of ‘Credit and loyalty. Based on this, Hanwha has developed a humane corporate culture, and even in times of difficulties, it has overcome crises through mutual trust and strong and tenacious organizational power.

Hanwha spirit


Our Core Values – Challenge

Our value "Challenge" means that we are not afraid to challenge the status quo and instead, we pursue excellence through change and innovation. Our people:

  • Challenge themselves, develop skills, and work to become the best professional in their respective fields.
  • Embrace and overcome challenges by thinking out of the box, being creative, and solving problems.
  • Set and achieve challenging goals, continually striving with resolute confidence and belief that nothing is impossible, everything is doable.


Our Core Values – Our Dedication

We are dedicated, loyal, and we highly value our relationships with companies, customers and colleagues. Our people:

  • Think "we" first and make common goals, our higher priorities.
  • Stress the importance of keeping customer promises and constantly seek to increase customer value.
  • Work together and trust our colleagues to do what’s right.


Our Core Values – Our Integrity

We are people of integrity and we act in accordance to a set of ethical and moral principles from which we derive our sense of pride. Our people:

  • Engage in honest and fair business practices, seeking long-term goals, not temporary short-term gains.
  • Treat others with respect and transparency. We focus on abilities, performance, and acting virtuously regardless of consequence or circumstance.