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PR 2022.07.06

Hanwha CNC Swiss turn lathe, UK customer(Key Precision) sales Success Story!

Check the sales story of Hanwha Automatic Lathe (XD38II-R) to Key Precision, UK customer.

The customer first encountered Hanwha through a UK local exhibition1) hosted by Dugard, and was impressed by the high rigidity and efficient layout/structure of the Hanwha CNC swiss turn lathes, leading to the sale of the equipment. An interview with Key Precision was conducted through MTD (British machine tool broadcaster​), and it is talking about the revolutionary tool life saving​ of XD38II-R.


Title : Hanwha machine improved tool life by 30% on this EN24T part

“Parts produced by Key Precision have a lot of repetitive machining operations, and we found that the tool life at the XD38II-R machine increased by 25% to 35%, so we enables money savings from XD38II-R ." (Excerpts from the interview)




1) Southern Manufacturing & Electonics 2022(2.8-2.10) : UK manufacturing industry exhibition​

2) EN24T : High-strength alloy steel known for its wear-resistance properties, it is mainly used for parts with high rigidity of aircraft and automobiles (ex. propellers, gear shafts, aircraft landing gears).

※ Dealer website (excerpt from article content)​ : Dugard is KEY to success for subcontractor - Dugard

※ MTD Youtube Link(interview) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnW359GKCnQ​