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Smart Hybrid Mounter


Multi-functional hybrid mounter that can place various insert components and odd-shape components quickly and reliably.

· Secures quality reliability through automation of manual processes
· Supports special nozzles and heads applicable to odd-shape components
· Supports various component supply devices



AlignmentFly Camera
The Number of Spindles4 spindles x 1 Gantry
Placement Speed
12,000 CPH (Optimum)
Placement Accuracy Chip±50 μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0
IC ±30 μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0
Component Range Small Fix Camera0603 ~ □22 mm
Wide Fix Camera~ □55 mm, L150 mm
Max. Height32 mm (Standard), 42 mm (Special Order *)
PCB Size (mm) Min.L50 x W40
Max.~ L460 x W400 (Standard)
~ L460 x W280 (Option), ~ L460 x W340 (Option), ~ L610 x W460 (Option)
PCB Thickness (mm)0.38 ~ 4.2
Feeder Capacity
(8 mm Standard)
120 ea/112 ea (Docking Cart)
Utility power3 phase AC 200±18V / 208±19V / 220±20V / 240±22V / 380±25V / 415±28V (50/60Hz)
Max. 3.5 kVA
Air 5.0 ~ 7.0 kgf/cm2
50 Nℓ/min (Vacuum Pump)
Weight (kg)Approx. 1,600 kg
External Dimension (mm)L1,650 x D1,679 x H1,993