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Shield Can 대응 이형기


Provides the solutions and convenience optimized for a wide range of special processes.

· Ultra-slim multi-functional odd-shape component mounter / width of 680mm
· Provides best solution for shield can placement
· Improves applicability to odd-shape components



Number of Spindles/ Head2Spindles x 1Gantry
1Spindles x 1Gantry
2Spindles x 1Gantry
(1Spindles + 1Dispenser)
Alignment1 Stage Vision1 Stage Vision
PCB TransferDual Lane Dual Lane + Interver(Option)
Placement Rate2,400 CPH(1 Spindle, Hanwha Techwin's Standard)
3,000 CPH(2 Spindle, Hanwha Techwin's Standard)
2,400 CPH (1608, Hanwha Techwin's Standard)
PlacementAccuracy ±50 μm @ Cpk1.0 (1005) ±50 μm @ Cpk1.0 (1005)
Component Range Stage vision (FOV45)1005 ~ □45 mm 1005 ~ □45 mm
Max. HeightH15 mm H15 mm
PCB (mm) Min.L50 x W50 L50 x W50
Max.~ L295 x W250
~ L250 x W25 (Option)
~ L240 x W250
Thickness0.38 ~ 4.2mm 0.38 ~ 4.2mm
Feeder Capacity32 ea(16*Fraont/Rear Sides)16 ea(Front)
Feeder TypeTape FeederTape Feeder, Label Feeder
Utility power 1 Phase, AC 220V ±10% (50/60 Hz)
Max. 2.0 kVA
Air Consumption0.5 ~ 0.7MPA(5.1~7.1 kgf/cm2)
150 Nℓ/min
Weight (kg)Approx. 950kgApprox. 920kg
External Dimension (mm)L680(865) x D1,870 x H1,480
(When including an extended conveyor)
L680(977) x D1,870 x H1,480
(When an Inverter is unstalled)